week ending 11/2/18

So the last week before the training starts for Cork Marathon starts. I did something this week i have not done since 2014. I did a training run with a club, even better i did something i have not done since the 90’s. I went back for a second run with that club.
Monday morning started off nice and early with a 5am 5k. Average pace for my easy 5k was 8.16/km with a 123 average heart rate. Its a nice way to get the week started. It also had you very alert for by the time work starts at 9.
Tuesday night was a big step for to join a running club. 2014 was last time i ran with a club and that was ULAC when doing my masters. Did 1 session and went back to training by myself. I decided to jog the 3k to the club as my warm up. When i arrive i was greeted by some familar faces from parkrun. I was told tonight was 5×5 minute blocks. My splits for the 5 block were 4.00, 4.03,4.02,4.02, 4.14. Overall it was an enjoyable first night and im sure that it will help me over time being a member of a club.
Thursday was back to the club again. This time 3×10 minute blocks was the target. My splits this time were 4.24, 4.06, 4.15. I was happy again to see them in the low 4’s. I also think as I get used to running on tracks those times will get a better as well. Similar to tuesday it was a run to and from the club as my warm up/warm down
Saturday was back to parkrun as the journey to 100 continues. At the moment I am trying to take my parkruns easy so I am chatting my way around the 5k. Today i was just over the 30 minute mark which is grand as an easy run. I’m judging that off its easy if you can run and talk at the same time. But parkrun #77 marked off along with volunteer #84
Sunday the week finished off with a 10k LSR i decided to do it as a step back run ahead of the training for Cork. It was a 5 minute warm-up with 10k a 6 minute pace. Should have gone off heart rate but the monitor was not working. Followed by a 5 minute cool down to finish off.
Thats a 45.5k week that leave me just on the average for my 1,600k year.

Fortnight ending 4/2/18

Have to do a two week catch up. Last weekend got away from me. Between work and a small out of the flu running took a back seat. week 1 was not bad but week 2 was a weekend warrior.
Tuesday week 1 starting with a 6k tempo. this was completed in 27:44 with a 174 average heart rate. The tempo runs are getting a little easier now so it may be a sign to pick up the distance.
Wednesday was a recovery run. still not got the aim of getting u early for these so was an after dinner run.
Saturday was back to my easy parkruns. while all other runs are done via heart rate but parkrun i slow down by chatting my way around the course.
Sunday rather than a long run it was doing the Charlie Curran 5k as a race. While the started off well i set off with the 20 minute pacer. At the end of the first km i was on 3:51 but the pacer was a good 10 seconds ahead of me. I pushed as much as i could but the sub 20 was not in me. I crossed the line in 16th place in 20:54. This would be my 4th fastest 5k time. While at the race i treated myself to a new medal race from Display king. Also in the mega draw for the charity entries i won entry into this years DCM.
Thursday week 2 was in for my VO2 ahead of training. My VO2 was up to 158 with my longest test to date. The only downside was my endurance zone end dropped from 166 to 151. Hopefully from training for Cork i will be able to get it back up to the same level.
Saturday was back to parkrun for an easy parkrun. 26.50 was the time for this run. These are a nice way to fit in easy runs especially if i miss them during the week.
Sunday was 16k LSR off the new zones. Compared to the old zone this did feel like a very slow run. the average heart rate was 148 this time compared to 162 last time out so this new zone will take getting use to but it should help in the long run.
This week i also joined Celbridge AC so will be attending my first training session this Tuesday. The hope is that with a club behind me it can help my training move onto the next stage. Due to the last two weeks being a little to light my average has fallen but with the plan for the year as it is i should be able to make distance up again.