Running weekending 15th July

This week has it all work was the quite part of the week.

Monday- In a rare treat I actually got a easy run in on Monday, I got 7.2k covered in 50 minute easy run which was a nice way to de-stress

Tuesday- I went to do my normal interval training at the club but was unaware the training time had moved. I arrive just before 7.30 to find the session half over. As a result I did 3x 5 minutes with the group and 3 on my own. My watch also decided not to charge for me, as a result the 3 on my own where timed using old fashion methods of a stop watch on my phone. For distance I was trying to get to the same finish point each time.

Thursday- was a 36 minute runmute. I got a day of green lights here so my pace was a little faster then normal. I got 7.3k covered in 4.46 average pace. I am really enjoying the runmutes and look forward to them each Thursday. Not so sure the person who gets to sit beside me on the bus afterwards thinks the same way.

Saturday- Was a tale of two 5k runs. In the morning I ventured back to Dundalk for parkrun as the VHI was in town. In the afternoon it was back to Leixlip for pop up races day of Irish pb’s. The plan for parkrun was to go easy so I had plenty in the tank for the race in Leixlip. I went off nice and gentle for the first km. I looked down at my watch to see I was doing a 4 minute km pace. Little fast than I had been planning. I slowed down a little and David Gillick caught up with me. I decided to pace of him for a while and let me push me on. I stuck with him the about the end of the 2nd lap. Here a few fell back, he slowed to encourage them along so I stayed at my pace and continued on. I crossed the finish for 12th and a time of 21:45.


3 buses and 3 mile run after Dundalk I arrived at the track for event number two. I signed in and cheered on the runners in the 23/24 minute groups. Once they finished I went for a quick warm up and headed to the starting line. I stayed with the pacer for the first 7 laps keeping him very close but after that I lost a little steam. The drifted from starting around 1:38 per 400m to a 1:45 on lap 10 being my slowest. For the final lap I decided to leave it all on the track. I sped up from the moment I heard the bell. As I came around the final bend, I saw 20:40 on the clock and turned into Usain Bolt to get under 21 minutes. Thanks to a 1:28:59 final 400 I made the sub 21 in a time of 20:28:01.

Till next week if you aint enjoying it; you aint doing it right.

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