Dyspraxia and Running

When people hear that I am a Dyspraxic a normal response is but you run. It almost appears to some that having  no coordination issues means I cant run.

To me running is very important for a number of reasons.

    1. It is my me time
    2. Its helps clear my head
    3. It keeps me fit
    4. It gives me something to aim for
    5. It is a social outlet

Not included in the above list but an important one when running a race or with my club im just Philip, no body sees the dyspraxia.

Certain aspects of the dyspraxia will appear but with proper training you can learn to deal with them. I dont think i will ever get use to being stuck in the middle of a large crowd. This makes staying near the pacers at large event very annoying. I either stay just in front of them and try to keep them within a certain distance but out of sight out of mind I have run to fast before by not looking back often enough. If I hang behind the pacers there is always the worry they cut the time to tight and I miss the target.

Running around a track is not very good for me as I tend to get bored easily and my pace will always suffer. So my new game weather on track or road is pick someone ahead of concentrate on catching them. This way i tend to forget i am running a track or course and concentrate on the person im chasing. Just be careful who you pick I made the mistake a few years a go picking a young lady to try and catch during a race. Turns out she was an underage international runner. She took gold that day, I kept with her for about 1400m and needed to lie on the ground for 20 minutes after to recover.

Spacial awareness would be another impact that would always impact. I have on a few occasions tried to go around someone in a race and misjudged distance and ended up running into them instead, During one race I went on a mound on the side to go around someone and hop off the top and fall onto them knocking us both to the ground. Not the best way to make friends.

Waterstops are my bain during races. I am yet to master the whole running while drinking from a cup skill (bottles I can just master after 5 years). In most races I tend to pull in have my drink and continue. Its safer but I lose 10-15 seconds per stop over a marathon that can add up to a few minutes and cost you a PB.

Training plans can be very fun. With me the KISS principal is golden. Keep it simple. Doing my intervals with a club is handy as a run to the whistle and follow the crowd. Doing sessions where pace and distance changes a few time will never work. I get confused quite often.

Facebook tells me I ran first competitive 5k race 6 years ago today. I ran 28:07 that day. Somehow I am yet to trip over myself during the race which is a real achievement I think.

Overall I dont mind dealing with the few small issues above as overall running has given me a lot over the years and hopefully for more years to come.

Running is nice i believe for people with learning difficulties as most races and parkrun cater for everyone so even if you are finishing down the field its you race and no one else. You are only there for what you can see what it is worth to you. If that is completing couch to 5k, running 100 parkruns or wearing your country singlet there is someone thing for everyone.

As ever if you have any feedback on the above you can tweet me @pslattery2014. If you are dyspraxic and run do you agree or disagree with the above.

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